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Chair Message

Over time, and with a steadily increasing demand for health services, NPs have been making their mark in a number of key areas and in many clinical settings – both specialty and geographically focussed.

The College continues to provide advice for and on behalf of members, on issues specific to NPs. It is important that we continue to promote a consistent message about our roles. Whilst we continue to advance the value of our roles, we make very clear that the outcomes derived from our services are vitally important as a means to improve patient outcomes. Patients, at the centre of our work, continue to drive our efforts for recognition as independent, autonomous and collaborative senior clinicians.

We continue to educate the community and our colleagues about NPs, but we must acknowledge that to do this successfully, our combined efforts are necessary. The potential of NP roles remains under-utilised. Together, with a clear message about the importance of what we offer to patient outcomes in terms of access and equity of healthcare delivery, we can better inform the public and the policy makers.

Indeed, it is important that we can all clearly articulate the value that we add to existing healthcare teams. Patient outcomes, patient satisfaction with the care provided, patient ability to access uninhibited service provision, and patient co-ordination of care throughout an often complex journey are important factors driving what it is we do each day.

Therefore, armed with our team approach we move on towards achieving our College vision to be the national peak organisation for Nurse Practitioners and advanced practice nurses – advancing nursing practice and access to health care.

Dr Grainne Lowe
National President

Board meetings 2017

The National Board meetings continue to be held quarterly – two face to face meetings and two teleconferences yearly. The core business of the National Board is to provide relevant representation for all members, therefore the meetings are scheduled to coincide with state/territory Chapter meetings to ensure member issues, activities and progress are discussed and noted at the National level.

Currently, our National Board meetings are scheduled as follows:

25 and 26 February
31 May
3 September to coincide with the National Conference in Brisbane
15 November

National Representation

The Australian College of Nurse Practitioners provides representation on the following:

  • Commonwealth Nursing and Midwifery Strategic Reference Group
  • Coalition of National Nursing and Midwifery Organisations
  • Australian Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation Council Nurse Practitioner Accreditation Committee
  • ACCRM Telehealth Advisory Committee
  • Australian Prescriber Advisory Editorial Panel


Board of Directors

You can contact individual board members through the contact us page.

PRESIDENT                Grainne Lowe
VICE PRESIDENT       Lee Poole
SECRETARY               Kathleen Tori
TREASURER              Robin Moon

NSW       Anne Moehead
NT          Lyn Byers
QLD       Suzanne Williams
SA          Luke Christofis
VIC         Tash Jennings
WA         Clinton Fonceca
TAS        Lisa Sproule
ACT       Kate Maher

Co-Opted Board Members  Jane O'Connell and Chris Raftery (Past President)



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